Transformer and Inductor Assemblies
The RM Hadley Co.

High precision magnetic components and value added assemblies for demanding environments.  Providing medical, military and space qualified parts with rapid turnaround of broad based technologies; capabilities up to 5KV with wide range of encapsulation / impregnation, in-house machine shop and molding available.  ITAR registered; AS9100 Rev. C.  

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Electronic Design & Manufacturing Services
Team of highly experienced design experts including electrical, mechanical, firmware, software, project management, and compliance engineers  providing quick time to market at low cost with less risk! Full system level capability, circuit card assemblies, and printed circuit boards (PCBs).  Automated manufacture and test equipment supporting PCBs up to 24” x 18” with 0201 package and placement accuracy of 37.5 microns. ITAR registered; AS9100 Rev. C certified; UL Qualified  and SBA Small Business.  

​DC-DC Converter Modules
Innovative, high density, discrete, power converters for industrial, railway, shipboard and vehicle applications.  Features include internal conducted EMI filtering and compliance with DO-160, MIL-STD-704, and/or MIL-STD-1275 specifications. Available with wide input voltage range as well as multiple output voltages.

​​​Hybrid DC-DC Converters 

Modular Device, Inc. Shirley, NY
High reliability hybrid DC-DC Converters (isolated and non-isolated) with built-in EMI filtering offering the smallest, lowest weight packages for the most demanding specifications.  Available with proton radiation hardened technology and a wide selection of input bus voltages in standard, semi-custom and full custom packages.  ITAR registered; ISO 9001:2008 certified.  


Line Card

RF & Microwave Components and Cable Assemblies
Cernex, Inc. and Cernex Wave 

Broad array of thin-film hybrid and discrete microwave and millimeter-wave components and subassemblies. Custom and standard products based on GaAs, HEMT, PHEMT, and MMIC technologies covering 30Khz – 100Ghz.  Also offering design and manufacture of RF coaxial connectors and cable assemblies. 

Cable & Harness Assemblies
Design-oriented, custom manufacturer of power cords, cord sets, wire harnesses, and box-builds.  Capabilities include design, mold, and manufacture of cords, plugs, and lead assemblies for OEM, military, and industrial needs.  Hot solder dip and custom tinning services, low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) power cords.  HUB Zone and AS9100 Rev. C certified, and ITAR registered.

MIL-Spec Power Supplies

Harsh environment, high reliability AC/DC power supplies, DC-DC Converters, and inverters for military systems.   Linear and switch mode designs at up to 5KW, voltages up to 5KV; high density / high frequency operation; fly-back, forward and bridge topologies; single and multiple outputs. ITAR registered; AS9100 Rev. C..  

High Density Power Semiconductors
Solitron Device, Inc. West Palm Beach, FL 

Small, lightweight, and highly efficient products including QPL bi-polar power transistors, JFETS, and high voltage SiC diodes. All parts are fully manufactured in the US at a MIL-PRF-19500 certified facility.